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Based in County Cork, Ireland, Arundó plays a mixture of traditional and contemporary Irish music. This exciting band has also been influenced by South American, and in particular Andean music.

The name "Arundó" is actually the term for a family of bamboo-like plants, one of which produces the cane from which Uilleann Pipes are usually made. The name, therefore, well reflects the group's music, which is dominated by the mystical sounds of the Uilleann and Pan Pipes.

Arundó has released four albums: John and Kevin Byrne's most recent double album, Drawn to the Flame, Live at Counihans, Tuesday Night at 39A, and The Blue Haven Sessions. 

Available on CD Baby and iTunes, as well as at the various venues where the band plays, these recordings capture the driving music of Sliabh Luachra, as well as a variety of musical styles which have influenced the band.

For most people, the haunting sound of the Uilleann Pipes and Irish Music are synonymous. Nothing heralds the arrival of the bride quite like the sound of the pipes. As Ireland’s only indigenous instrument, the Uilleann Pipes bring a unique and authentic mixture of ancient Irish Culture and Tradition to your Wedding Day. This mystical sound is central to Arundó’s melodic and atmospheric music.

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