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Arundó offers the unique experience of an instructor-led Céilí (Irish Dance). Led by a renowned dance instructor, the experience is guaranteed to get even the most stubborn out on the floor and dancing to the music of the band.


When we perform at the afters (as the main wedding band), it’s usually in the form of a Céilí with a dance instructor. Using a radio microphone, the instructor will teach the guests some simple Irish dances in an entertaining and light-hearted way. The emphasis here is only on fun and not on perfection of dancing technique! You do not need to know any Irish dancing! In fact it may help to know no Irish dancing...


A Céilí will usually consist of five musicians and the instructor (our's also doubles up as an accordion player). The entertainment consists of a mixture of songs and instrumental music. The songs are mostly Irish Folk songs but we mix it up a little too.

Céilís work very well, especially when many of the guests are from outside Ireland. We have found that Céilís are a great way to encourage different groups of people to socialise in a fun and uniquely Irish setting.  The band will play for approximately 2-3 hours with a short break half way through. The music performed will be mostly Irish Traditional music (i.e. jigs, reels etc). Songs will also be included between the dances. We will be fully amplified and we will bring our own lighting.

Enjoy this clip of one of the many Céilís for which Arundó have had the pleasure of playing.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to book a Céilí  for your next event, or for your wedding celebrations!

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