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Arundó at Counihans

This clip highlights Arundó playing at Counihan's Bar with various musicians including Johnny on Percussion, Stan on the Fiddle, Ger on the Accordion, Tosh on the Banjo, John on Guitar and Vocals, and Hugh on Accordion.

The track accompanying this video is from a Live album we recorded at Counihan's Bar some years back. 

Arundó play Eleanor Plunkett

Arundó play a beautiful version of O'Carolan's Eleanor Plunkett, against a backdrop of weddings the band has played throughout Ireland. 

O'Carolan  was an Irish icon, written of by Oliver Goldsmith in 1760, arranged by Beethoven about 1809, and he appears on the old Irish 50 pound note.


As comfortable in the raucous company of McGrattan's Pub as he was playing for the landed gentry of the grand Irish estates, "Carolan wrote music that is distinctively Irish, yet has an international flavor as well. It is this achievement that suggests that Turlough Carolan does indeed deserve the title of Ireland's 'National Composer'"

Arundó play Pachelbel's Canon and "Frolics"

Taken from the CD "Drawn to the Flame", Arundó play the classic Pachelbel's Canon and raise the tempo into Pachelbel's Frolics!

Born in 1653 in Nuremberg, Germany, Pachelbel still remains an iconic composer to this day. The Canon was somewhat "lost" until the end of the 20th Century and its chord progression has been picked up by many modern pop composers. The "Frolics" is a reel made famous by the great Eileen Ivers and it encapsulstes the essence of the original Canon. It's lively and fun and Irish in it's rhythms.

The images in the video come from various weddings that we have been lucky enough to play at over the years.

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