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COVID-19 Policy

Before Arrival We Endeavour To:

  • Travel separately to ensure we minimise contact even within the band.

  • Wipe down and sanitise all equipment.

  • Liaise with the church/venue and speak with their COVID officer to assess if they have any specific guidelines we need to follow.

  • Assess all band members on the day of the wedding and if any show symptoms indicative of COVID-19, a suitable replacement will be sought if possible.

At The Church/Venue We Will Endeavour To:

  • Maintain at least 3 metres distance between the public and the band members

  • Assess the space and set up in what we deem to be the safest possible area. Where possible, this would mean a balcony in a church, or a corner area where there can be no traffic in a hotel venue, outdoors if possible.

  • Delineate the performance area. 

  • Bring a COVID Box with sanitizers, gloves, masks and other PPE for the band members’ use. 

  • Bring our own food / drink / water and utensils to avoid any unnecessary contact.

  • Ensure a clean of the area before and after performance. 

  • Set up in stages and minimise contact between venue staff and band members.

  • Have musicians not playing face to face, as per HSE recommendations.

In order to ensure our joint safety we would appreciate the following from the Bridal Party:

  • Please ensure all payment is done electronically prior to or on the wedding day. 

  • Please provide us with the COVID contact for the event / venue.

  • Please communicate with us if you have a preference for where you would like us to set up, bearing in mind the above HSE restrictions. We reserve the right to change where we set up if we feel it is unsafe. 

  • Please ensure that there will be a seating area for the musicians, with chairs set up and access to electrical outlets.

  • Please brief other service providers, such as the photographer and videographer, and ask them to respect social distancing guidelines with band members.

  • We would appreciate if audience members did not approach the band members - we would appreciate if no audience members sit behind the band.


Rest assured that we will work closely with the relevant venue COVID-officer so that we perform safely. However, in the unlikely event that the venue and/or wedding does not conform to HSE guidelines regarding social distancing and safety for the musicians, then we reserve the right to cancel. No refund will be provided in this case.

COVID Officer:

Pia Zain 087.363.0886

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